Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Intellectual Dishonesty Is Astounding


The simple fact that a seemingly intelligent and scientifically educated person can parse their intellect into compartments and completely insulate portions of their cognition from the same critical thought that science demands is quite befuddling. The ability to understand intricate cellular processes comes with a certain amount intellect; the ability to understand science and the methods contained therein yet hold to a 6000yr old universe is nothing short of mental gymnastics.

I am not sure where the woman in the second video obtained her degrees, so I cannot claim that they came from less than reputable institutions. Her grasp of cellular biology seems decent, yet the ‘faith’ portion of her cranium seems intent on changing the scope of science from one that follows where the data leads, to a process where one begins with a conclusion, then distorts, cherry picks and ignores data to arrive at that conclusion.

The first video is from Daniel Dennett, who eloquently describes the natural processes in evolution that would lead to preferences development in species, and why they might be necessary. It is a very intriguing and short talk that makes me want to learn more, the second video on the other hand….

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Now, Michael Shermer at the Creation Museum with a ‘Creation Scientist’.

P.S. If any of you are able to completely stomach this video without ending the pain prematurely, please let me know if there are fireworks or other excitement near the end because I was only able to view half before the dry heaves began and I could smell parts of my brain tissue dying.

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