Thursday, March 19, 2009

Climate change makes us boiled frogs, says Prince Charles

By staff writers

PRINCE Charles has compared human inactivity over climate change to frogs being boiled alive, and says we can't see the way the environment is changing because we're too close to it.

British tabloid The Sun reports the heir to the throne made his comments in the Amazon while on a tour of South America to raise awareness of climate change.

“The trouble is it's the old boiled frog syndrome," he said. "You can’t tell if you are in the water that it is gradually heating up. You just get used to the heat and you don’t notice until suddenly it reaches boiling point and it’s too late to do anything about it.”

Boiled frog syndrome refers to the idea that if you put a frog into boiling water it will jump out, but if you put it in cold water and slowly raise the temperature, it will be boiled alive. It isn’t true – when the water gets hot the frog will jump out, but it does make a nice metaphor.

“Nature has so many of the answers but we have somehow imagined that we can somehow defeat it, suppress it, squash it into a corner,” the Prince said.

“The trouble is that nature will always come back and hit you in the teeth if you don’t respect her."

Yesterday, Prince Charles said we have only 100 months to save the world before time literally runs out.

“We have succeeded in upsetting the balance to such a degree that we have seen the whole system start to become more and more chaotic and extreme.

"It is difficult because you can go on saying this will happen. We’ve had a cold winter in Britain, so people say, ‘Well, there’s no truth in it.’ Whereas the reality is that all around the world there are huge problems — drought, floods and more hurricanes than ever before, so clearly the whole system is being thrown into chaos and we need to act now on a precautionary basis.”

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Let them eat overpriced organic cake! said...

What does Prince Charles know about the state of this planet, he does not even live on the same planet as the rest of us! His whole life he has lived in gilded cages like Bucking Palace, officially the most energy inefficient building in the whole of London. This is the Prince who has so many servants waiting on him that he frankly does not know what to do with them. Charles has one servant whose only job is to run his bath water, very energy efficient!

Prince Charles has never cared about anyone but himself! Remember how he treated his ex-wife Diana? His self-righteousness knows no bounds! Take recently when he stopped the traditional Christmas dinner in London laid on for his servants. He claimed that a recession meant that such an extravagant outing could not be justified while at the very same time he sent two of his prize pigs one thousand miles to Italy so that they could be turned into sausages!

The guy is beyond a fraud, he is a sick joke! When he tells us, his subjects, his captive audience, to listen to the planet, how can you react to such hypocrisy except by sneering or by laughing out aloud?