Monday, October 13, 2008

Plot of the Innermost Solar System

The plot below shows the current location of the major planets (Mercury through Mars) and the minor planets that are in the innermost region of the solar system.

Also available is a view of the inner region of the solar system. The plot is of the same form as the plot on this page.

An animated version of this plot is available from our Animations page.

This plot must not be reproduced without the express written consent of the Minor Planet Center.

The orbits of the major planets are shown in light blue: the current location of the major planets is indicated by large colored dots. The locations of the minor planets, including numbered and multiple-apparition/long-arc unnumbered objects, are indicated by green circles. Objects with perihelia within 1.3 AU are shown by red circles. Objects observed at more than one opposition are indicated by filled circles, objects seen at only one opposition are indicated by outline circles. Numbered periodic comets are shown as filled light-blue squares. Other comets are shown as unfilled light-blue squares.

In this view, objects in direct orbits (most of the objects in this plot) move counterclockwise and the vernal equinox is towards the right. (The equinox directions are the direction of the sun as seen from the earth.) The plot is correct for the date given at the bottom of the plot.

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