Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pedal powered 'Flintstone car' driver gets his traffic ticket dismissed

Video of the pedal-powered 1986 Buick Regal's maiden voyage (below)

By Dragana Kovacevic

Part four-seater bicycle, part work of art, this makeshift Buick Regal is pushing the boundaries of driving, quite literally.

Montreal artist Michel de Broin made the "Shared Propulsion Car" by hollowing-out the insides.

It has:

  • no engine
  • no transmission
  • no floor
  • no signal lights
  • in place of headlights? The car features tea light-candle headlights
  • the whole thing is entirely propelled by pedal power

    With top speeds reaching no more than 15 km/hr, the vehicle uses traditional bicycle handbrakes.

    The cyclers on the left control the propulsion on the left side, and the same goes for the two cyclers on the right. Should one side break earlier than the other, the car would pivot and turn.


    The "Shared Propulsion Car" was on exhibit at the Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art on October 24. The work was supposed to make a statement about consumption. The following day, it made a statement about heck of a lot more:

    Dean Baldwin and three others took the vehicle for an impromptu test-drive and got themselves pulled over and ticketed for operating an unsafe vehicle. (See video above)

    However, without a clear definition of what the vehicle even is or what law applies to its altered state, the charges were dropped.

    To celebrate, Baldwin and group took the car-bicycle hybrid for a drive around Bloor and Dufferin on the streets of Toronto.

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