Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web

by Kristen Banker

‘Going Green’ has never been so popular so it is hardly surprising that there are so many bloggers writing about being Eco Friendly. Here is our roundup of the best of the bunch, other than this fine blog of course!

  1. – is the leading media channel devoted to bringing sustainability to the masses. Treehugger is a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. I visit often!
  2. - Ecofabulous is in my opinion, the best design consultant and personal shopper weblog out there. Devoted to finding and sharing sexy, eco products and services, it’s for sure a site to visit!
  3. – Is a great environmental blog. If you love to have the latest eco-gadgets and products, this is the place to go to find them. The main editorial focus of ‘Ecofriend’ is alternative and renewable energy. One of my favorite sites!
  4. - is my favorite design weblog! Inhabitat’s interests are in eco-design inventions that amplify sustainability and efficiency. Devoted to architectural innovations and technology, Inhabitat is the best of the best!
  5. – Groovy Green not only has a great name, but it’s a great weblog that helps organize large amounts of information interested in renewable energy and sustainable living.
  6. – Eco-chick is an environmental weblog with a woman’s perspective. My favorite is the “rants” section. See for yourself!
  7. – Who doesn’t love a little celeb gossip now and then. Ecorazzi creatively combines celebrity gossip with environmental causes. Good Sunday morning with coffee weblog!
  8. - Green Options Media is a network of environmentally focused blogs, which combines news, guidance and community features for making sustainable choices. Green Options Media is a leader among the “green” web portals. I am always impressed with their info!
  9. - Green is a web magazine that’s published to inspire and involve all sorts of “greenies” from the building revolution, to the designer, entrepreneur, innovator, lawyer, architect and engineer. It’s the perfect online magazine for all the eco-conscious people of the world.
  10. - The Daily Green is an online consumer guide published by the Digital Media unit of Hearst Magazines. Everything from green cuisine, daily green tips, new, weird weather watch and an “ecopedia” for all things A-Z in green living can be found on The Daily Green. I love this site!
  11. – Dwell is a smart, thoughtful, and modern weblog that encourages the audience to imagine and appreciate their home in the modern world. Plus I have been a subscriber of their magazine for years and it’s still one of my favorites!
  12. - Greenmonk is a new line of business for RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. They offer consulting services to help organizations better understand how sustainability can and will affect them. Great green site for companies wanting to be more eco-friendly!
  13. - Ideal Bite provides awareness, inspiration, and recommendations for light green living. This site is for people who lead busy lives, but want to make small changes that add up to big results. Idea Bite’s “daily tips” cover everything from biodynamic wine to eco-pet products and organic cosmetics. Another one-stop-shop for the eco minded!
  14. - EcoGeek dedicates its pages to exploring the connection between nature and technology. If you’re interested in green gizmos, this is the site for you. I stop by often!
  15. - is a local classifieds network for eco- conscious people. It’s a “green” Craigslist!
  16. – is the destination for the world to share and view “green” online videos about our environment, green technologies, innovations, products, and more. A “green” youtube for the eco-minded!
  17. – is a multi-faceted base for communication, education and connections; from green news headlines, job listings, events and eco-tips. Gengreenlife has over 25,000 listings to help you live your green life. I love this site and visit often!
  18. - Architecture for Humanity is a charitable organization that offers architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings design services to communities in need.
  19. alternativeenergyblog - News, views and strong opinions on alternative energy resources including wind power, solar energy, wave energy, geothermal & other alternate energy sources.
  20. - The war on terrorism has come home. Corporations and politicians are labeling activists “eco-terrorists” and national security threats. Think red-baiting, with a green twist. Here you’ll find original reporting and analysis of the Green Scare, and history repeating itself.
  21. - Green. TV is a United Nations Environment Program supported IPTV channel for environmental films. I really love this site!
  22. - Sustainable, renewable, recycled, repurposed, and organic art products for your children, home and lifestyle, with an extra emphasis on creative D.I.Y. projects and art.
  23. - FreeGreen encourages progressive building practices by making green home designs free for everyone. I love this site and I love the guys that started it!
  24. - Carbon Planet is a global carbon management company whose mission is to enable every person and business on planet earth, to manage their contribution to the defining issue of our time, global warming.
  25. - An awesome travel company that focuses on eco-friendly travel and accommodations all with a smaller environmental footprint!
  26. – Green Girls Global is and international blog about people from all over the globe with various experiences, skills and interests, talking about people, (where they reside) who live a sustainable life.
  27. - Good is a media platform for people who want to live well and do good. Good produces a great website, creates fantastic videos of live events and a wonderful print magazine, which I love.
  28. -Environmental Graffiti is a diverse blend of bizarre, hilarious and always interesting environmental news. I am always entertained!
  29. - EcoLabel Fundraising provides a program dedicated to raising money ethically for your non-profit cause. This is an amazing site! In my opinion, it is a must visit.
  30. - MoCo Loco is a web magazine featuring modern contemporary design news and views. Hip, cool and a favorite of ours.

We are willing to accept there might be other great eco blogs out there, so if you do know of a site we have missed, make yourself heard by telling us in the comments!

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David Gilmour said...

Fabulous collection there. Kudos for putting it together. Though this is by far- very extensive, and you'll surely get a few more 'long tail' sites- a blog to watch out for is this one : The Maati blog- but naturally!
This covers a round up of all things natural from the web: specially some interesting solar powered products, organic products and sustainable lifestyle products. All handpicked- surely to watch out for.

Will Potter said...

Thanks for including! Honored to make the list. Best, Will