Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Green Vision: Artificial DNA as Software and Artificial Enzymes as Hardware!

This sounds like a bit of a fantasy and if you are really blunt about it then many would probably shrug their shoulders and say that this is down right lunacy. It would be hard to convince them otherwise by explaining them the ins and outs of this new technology as not much is yet known to us but all one can say is that when man first dreamed of stepping on to the moon, then it was also considered just plain ‘lunacy’. Science has a way of altering our perceptions and blurring the line between the probable and the impossible!

Japanese have created artificial DNA that could one day be part of green computers running on little or even no power. Data-monitor’s Ruchi Mallya suggests the University of Toyama’s research could bring to reality a computer that ditches traditional silicon and works on DNA instead. These new and amazing computers could work without any external power source for a considerable amount of time and that is really cool, if it does translate in to reality.

Mallya says the DNA would work as the software and the enzymes would act as hardware. The green bit comes in from the DNA running on internal energy “produced during cellular reactions.” The result would be a very low PC or even a laptop that didn’t require batteries. Now the added perk in all this is that this could really make solar panels amazingly less costly and that is another brilliant thing for all those who wish to convert to Green-ism! Just don’t hold your breath on this technology though.

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