Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pesticides Are DePesticides Are Destroying Our Bodies! (Here’s Proof)stroying Our Bodies! (Here’s Proof)

Now that we know, or don’t know rather, what is in pesticides we need take a look at the effect these chemicals have on the human body.

Anyone who has ever sprayed a pesticide will immediately recognize the tight feeling you get in your throat, the burning in your nose, and the watery eyes. These symptoms should be the second clue that what you spraying is not good for you. The first, of course, is that you’re spraying it to KILL things.

The Long Term Dangers Of Pesticides

A few of the long term effects that many doctors believe are associated with the use of pesticides are neurological symptoms, immune systems disorders, liver disease and asthma attacks. (

If that is not enough, check out the research done by the University of Florida and University of South Florida Medical Libraries:

Breast Cancer Linked To Termite Pesticide

Some forms of Breast Cancer have now been linked to pesticide chlordane used in the U.S. to treat termites between 1950-1988. (

Birth Defects Caused By Chlorophenoxy

Babies that are born near wheat fields are at 65% greater risk for developing birth defects. Primarily these defects are respiratory related. Scientists have linked them to an herbicide known as chlorophenoxy.

Guess where else they use this herbicide? To control weeds on the road sides and along canals. Canals that can seep into our nation’s water supply.

Rural Mother’s Miscarry More

A study done by the University of North Carolina confirmed that mothers to be who lived near farm land where crops were sprayed were 40-120% more likely to miscarry.

Round-Up Is Ridiculous

Its not just farm and crop pesticides. The popular herbicide Roundup has been linked liver and kidney damage and new studies are suggesting that it may cause cancer. The active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, is the 3rd most reported chemical in the state of California for pesticide related illness. This is the same Roundup that people spray in their yard and then let their children and animals play on the grass.

A Threat To Pet’s And Livestock

Pets aren’t immune to the harms of pesticide either. Recent studies link lawn pesticides to bladder cancer in dogs. It’s also in the grain we use to feed our livestock: milk, meat, cheese, all of these products potentially be affected by the use of pesticides.

Say No To Toxic Chemicals

Pesticides and Herbicides have been linked in study after study to cause cancer, neurological problems, respiratory problems and even death in unborn babies. These are the same pesticides that we spray in our yard and that we eat on fruits and vegetables everyday.

If you want to stay healthy, protect our planet and protect all the living things on it don’t use pesticides. There are so many natural alternatives.

And don’t buy fruits and vegetables that are not organically grown. Better yet, grow you own veggies. It easy and you will know exactly what goes on and into your food.

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