Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving Forward with America’s Fastest Eco-friendly Train

Gas prices are pushing $5.00 and it is showing a rippling effect in our economy. Could the newly proposed Maglev be the train of America's future?

A distance of approximately 267 miles and at a speed up to 300mph, this would be the fastest moving train in America and could very easily compete with local airlines. This eco-friendly system is propelled and guided by electromagnetic forces.

The Benefits

Can you imagine an extremely environmentally friendly method of taking you between Southern California and Las Vegas?

  • The Maglev does not contribute pollution to our air
  • There will be fewer cars on the road. A car is not necessary in Vegas
  • Their local transportation system is quite adequate, plus you could always walk the short distances
  • No more waiting in those long airport security lines
  • No more sitting on congested freeways
If you rode the train, you can take credit for one less car on the road. You will not be sitting in traffic going through LA , Riverside, or San Bernardino Counties. Instead, spend more time with your family and oved ones. The estimated price per person would be a fraction of the cost to fly.
Enjoy the extra time in Las Vegas. Leave your car at home, and ride the Maglev/train when it is operational.

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