Thursday, June 5, 2008

Five (very good) Reasons For Home Made Renewable Energy in Britain

The case for homemade renewable energy (micro-generation) seems to get stronger and stronger. A new report commissioned by the British Government provides a series of compelling reasons to put a wind-turbine in your garden, solar panels on your roof, and a combined heat and power boiler in your basement.

Lauded as “one of the most professionally conducted and robust pieces of consumer research into the micro-generation market”, the principle reasons for Britain to make a big push for micro-generation outlined by the report are:

1. It can make a difference

Encouraging householders to produce their own sustainable energy could cut the UK’s CO2 emissions by 30m tonnes in the next two decades. This is equivalent to the energy output of 5 large nuclear power stations, equal to taking half of the goods delivery trucks off Britain’s roads.

2. It’s easily attainable

The right financial incentives could see home energy installations increase from around 100,000 today, to a massive 9 million installations by 2020 - the introduction of grants, low interest loans and feed-in tariffs in other nations (such as Germany) has shown that large numbers of consumers are willing to invest in home renewable energy solutions.

3. There are self sustaining benefits

Legally binding government targets will encourage investment in the market, increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of renewable technology.

4. It encourages energy conservation too

When households can see how much power they generate, as well as how much they use, they become more aware of what energy consumption means - lights are switched off, mobile phone chargers are unplugged and people become truly energy conscious.

5. Everybody’s happy

Individuals can take an active role in the battle against climate change - instead of feeling frustrated by inaction

Despite debatable claims from energy executives that the large scale adoption of renewable energy in Britain will call for even more fossil fuel power generation as a backup, it seems that the case for renewable energy has never been better.

How many good (or bad) reasons for micro-generation can you come up with?

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