Friday, June 20, 2008

10.000 Signups to save the leatherback turtles

Please join this petition now to protect leatherback turtles which lives on beaches in Indonesia.
The leatherback is the largest living turtle. They have been around 100 million years, but may have less than 10 years left.
There were tens of thousands but now there are probably only 4,000 leatherback turtles left in the entire Pacific Ocean.

The IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, labeled these turtles "Critically Endangered".

When we reach the 10.000 sign ups we will send the petitioners list to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia.
The petition will help creating an urgent awareness campaign as these turtles are facing extinction.

Help us to keep them alive and Spread the word!

---After you signed---
Learn and discuss what can be done to protect the turtles in the Leatherback Turtle Group

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