Thursday, May 15, 2008

Retracted green light on GM crops feeds suspicions

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Like if we haven’t learned enough with the past from playing God men still wants to do it in the search of high profits.

Seems like we haven’t learned enough from our previous experience from playing God. Now we play with food modifying its genetic structure in order to obtain higher profits. Just now we start detecting problems like unstable proliferation of some crops and destruction of the natural genetic structure of the old ones through cross polinization. Also, GM crops can result in people and animals developing resistance to certain types of antibiotics which are used to treat diseases.

Worlds leaders are starting to take more attention into the matter because of thousands of complains and petitions made by Greenpeace supporters and negative observations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute Pasteur and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Lately the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has had a remarkable action when it retracted the green light for a new type of GM potato and two types of GM maize to be grown. Though it was a good step in denying the previous given green light to the new GM crops of potato and maize how do we know that EFSA didn’t made the same mistake before and we are producing crops that harm the human being and the environment? The European commission has ordered a second investigation on these crops but shouldn’t a second investigation be done to all GM crops since EFSA got it wrong this time?

These crops may deliver health problems that might only be noticeable a few generations after, isn’t this a cause for concern too?

Another fact is that most probably the GM crops that produce their own insecticides and other GM crops may have a negative impact on the environment and because of that the EFSA should have rejected the crops right away since we know so little about the future problems that it may bring us.

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