Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Autumn Spectra

Name: Aliah Jan

Country: New Zealand

Title: Autumn Spectra

Walking On Water

Name: Allen Lubitz

Country: USA

Title: Walking On Water

Moon Reflection

Name: Ann Worthy

Country: New Zealand

Title: Moon Reflection


Name: Asis Sanyal

Country: India


Determined Step

Name: Béla Cziglányi

Country: Hungary

Title: Determined Step

Redrock Sunset

Name: Carol Watson

Country: USA

Title: Redrock Sunset

Common Eland

Name: Christin Gilbert

Country: Canada

Title: Common Eland

Celestial Fish

Name: Craig Hanson

Country: Japan

Title: Celestial Fish

Irish Pasture

Name: Duane Klaus

Country: USA

Title: Irish Pasture

Tuscany Dreaming

Name: Duane Klaus

Country: USA

Title: Tuscany Dreaming


Name: Eric Gustafson

Country: USA

Title: Discordance

Agnostic Tree

Name: Ethan Finkelstein

Country: USA

Title: Agnostic Tree

A Thousand Trees

Name: Faisal Almalki

Country: Saudi Arabia

Title: A Thousand Trees

Zebra Profile

Name: Faisal Almalki

Country: Saudi Arabia

Title: Zebra Profile

Winter in Scotland

Name: gillian jackson

Country: USA

Title: Winter in Scotland

After the storm

Name: Hudson Malta

Country: Brazil

Title: After the storm

Praying Mantis

Name: Huy Tran

Country: USA

Title: Praying Mantis

The Loner

Name: Huy Tran

Country: USA

Title: The Loner


Name: Inna Razmahova

Country: USA

Title: Geiko


Name: Jacob Carter

Country: UK

Title: Technicolor


Name: Janusz Gorgon

Country: Poland

Title: eye

A Fall Day

Name: Kat Stanley

Country: USA

Title: A Fall Day

The Morning Buzz

Name: Keith Stillwagon

Country: USA

Title: The Morning Buzz


Name: Lariana Topjian

Country: USA

Title: Winter

Poppies and Blue

Name: Marten Hoogstraat

Country: Netherlands

Title: Poppies and Blue


Name: Nuno Ferreira

Country: Portugal

Title: Field

Thorns of Mordor

Name: peter di grazia

Country: USA

Title: Thorns of Mordor

Energy of the heaven

Name: Peter Zaharov

Country: Russia

Title: Energy of the heaven

bird birth

Name: Rajesh Dhungana

Country: Nepal

Title: bird birth

Spider Moon

Name: Robin Oquindo

Country: USA

Title: Spider Moon

lonely horse

Name: Salih GULER

Country: Turkey

Title: lonely horse


Name: Sally Phillips

Country: New Zealand

Title: Balance

Mantis Smile

Name: Sally Phillips

Country: New Zealand

Title: Mantis Smile

deadvlei 2

Name: sandy menzies

Country: UK

Title: deadvlei 2


Name: Sean Scott

Country: USA

Title: Descending

crane pair flying close

Name: Sherman Bloom

Country: USA

Title: crane pair flying close

Mountain Lion Felis concolor jumping

Name: Shirley Collins

Country: USA

Title: Mountain Lion Felis concolor jumping

The Chair

Name: silvia lisotti

Country: Italy

Title: The Chair

Basketstar Baroque

Name: Steve Gould

Country: USA

Title: Basketstar Baroque


Name: Theo Hofmann

Country: Switzerland

Title: Blauracke

Hot Foot

Name: thomas mears

Country: USA

Title: Hot Foot

Red Rocks and Trees

Name: Tom O Scott

Country: USA

Title: Red Rocks and Trees

Lunch time

Name: Vassilis Tagoudis

Country: Greece

Title: Lunch time


Name: Viktor Sykora

Country: Czech Republic

Title: Twins

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