Thursday, April 17, 2008

Caffeine can get rid of sun damaged skin cells

Coffee, tea, or ... sunscreen? That might one day happen if research into the anti-skin cancer properties of caffeine proves true. As this ScienCentral report explains, research into the effects of caffeine in mice shows it can help get rid of sun damaged skin cells before they become cancerous.

Interviewee: Paul Nghiem,
University of Washington School of Medicine
Length: 1 min 21sec
Produced by Jack Penland
Edited by Charles Young and Chris Bergendorff
Copyright © ScienCentral, Inc.
with additional footage courtesy National Cancer Insititute.

Caffeine As A Jolt

Caffeine is what gives that morning cup of coffee along with tea, and soda, among others, that jolt that helps turn us from pillow-huggers to career ladder-climbers. “You can say many things about caffeine,” says Paul Nghiem, Associate Professor in the University of Washington’s School of Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, “including it's the world’s most prevalent drug.”

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