Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lightway- Revolutionary Lighting System

Lightway is a recently launched window and lighting system which permits sun rays to enter the house in the daytime and after dusk it will fill the house with light. Based on Breezeway, this innovative technology uses the latest OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and transparent Photovoltaic Nanoscale technology which allows the lightway to become special.

Lightway- Futuristic Lighting System

Lightway is first of its kind in the world which assimilates the necessary solar energy during the daytime and then using its inner devices it enlightens the area (for instance, house or streets) during the nights. Portability is one of the attractive features attached to this technology followed by cutting the electricity expenses for households and if used in streets and shopping centers by a whooping 22%. Thus, these features make Lightway eco-friendly as well.

Lightway - Collects solar energy

Honored by Australian Design Award, Lightway is a concept combining two advanced technologies and using it in the simplest way to make a useful product. On its way to make a revolution, Lightway can be widely used in homes, streets, shopping arcades, museums, art galleries etc. Operating Lightway is very easy you can simply rotate the louver handle for opening and closing the system. The system also meets Australian Standards in terms both of construction and voltage, remaining below the high risk 32v category.

Lightway can be widely used in homes, streets, shopping arcades, museums, art galleries

User friendly design interface of Lightway is safe to use and is bright in colors as well. The art and graphics used on the application enlightens it to look attractive. Functional-wise, Lightway is exclusive which is capable enough to produce 60wt of lights by intaking just 50 wt in comparison.

Lightway- Concept Power Saving Technology

Lightway product is sold in the markets by Breezeway in a display style where users can come and choose the product as per their requirement and then order them as specified.
We can conclude that this proven conceptualized product is sure to make a revolution in the market.

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