Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Be a macgyver: coolest fire making tricks

Below I assembled a list of the absolute coolest ways to make fire, when you have just a couple of weird items! If you’re alone in the desert, playing ’survivor’ with your friends or just wanna impress some girls - this is perfect for you. Also, there’s some very interesting scientific stuff in there, which I’ll expand about later in greater detail. Well, without further ado, here it is - the coolest ways to make fire:

1. Using a potato: potatoes are great. They’re very tasty, and apparently quite helpful when it comes to making fire. All you need is a potato cut in half, some wires and a lot of ambition.


2. Using coke & chocolate: if you don’t have a potato, you can always try a can of coke and some chocolate bars. I know that sounds like a great recipe for a party, but it can also be used to make fire in a really neat way.


3. Without matches or a lighter: Now here’s the real treat. You don’t have matches, or a lighter (or coke, chocolate and potatoes. This means you’re in real trouble and this might actually be useful to you). What you can do is use a simple battery and some fine steel wool. Next thing you know you’re caveman with some amazing fire surrounding you.


4. Using friction (the Masai way): Friction, the ancient method our ancestors used, is still not forgotten. It’s effective, cheap, *always* available and very straight-forward.


5. Using a condom: Mmm. This is the sexy way. If your girlfriend dumped you, or you’re a lonely wolf reading blogs at night, this one’s for you. Finally something to do with the old dusty condoms of yours. Be careful though, it keeps your most important organs safe.


That’s it, now go burn up your house!

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